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Service and Parts

  • Control System

    Control System

    Matador Standard Control Panel ComAp controller (MRS 10)Read More
  • Synchronisation System

    Synchronisation System

    The synchronization system is specialize for Matador Power diesel genset parallel running. With functions of automatic operation and manual operation, it is used in conjunction with multiple generating units to control the automatic parallel operation of multiple diesel...Read More
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    ATS (Automatic transfer switching equipment) is mainly used in emergency power supply system, it mainly used for automatic switching between prime power supply and emergency power supply, can ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads.Read More
  • Large Volume Fuel Tank

    Large Volume Fuel Tank

    1. Plate steel construction
    2. Fuel tank sensor
    3. Fuel transfer system
    4. Leak detection
    Read More
  • Fuel Tank Level Sensor

    Fuel Tank Level Sensor

    Range of application: Fuel tank level sensor is widely used in various kinds of fuel tanks, can accurately detect and display liquid level information through instruments.Read More
  • Genset Oil Filter

    Genset Oil Filter

    In the process of engine operation, Metal grinds, dust, oxidized carbon deposits, colloidal sediments, water, etc. are continuously mixed into lubricating oil at high temperature.
    The purpose of genset oil filter is to filter mechanical impurities and colloid, keep...
    Read More
  • Genset Air Filter

    Genset Air Filter

    Diesel generator air filter play important role in genset, it needs to be replaced regularly. The function of the air filter ensures that clean air enters the operating silent generator set. Air filter can be divided into filter type, centrifugal type, oil bath type,...Read More
  • Genset Fuel Filter

    Genset Fuel Filter

    High quality diesel filters can effectively block dust and water from diesel. It can extend the working life of fuel pump, diesel nozzle and other filters.Read More
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