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Reduce The Noise Of The Generator Set
Jul 26, 2018

Generator structure noise refers to the noise that is transmitted or generated between the various parts of the unit. The moving parts on the unit generate noise when vibrating, and the part of the building structure connected to the generator set also generates noise. The typical accessories have sliding tracks. Noise radiator exhaust noise, exhaust gas delivery noise, coolant delivery noise, and fuel and electrical delivery noise. At the same time, the vibration of the protective casing of the unit will also generate noise. The method of minimizing the structural noise is given below.

l. Mounting the generator set on the spring damper can effectively reduce the propagation of vibration.

2. The use of flexible connections in the exhaust ducts, air delivery, fuel lines, coolant lines and current delivery can also effectively reduce the propagation of vibrations and the noise propagating in the air.