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Matador Power Business Sectors-Agriculture, Generator, Construction, Trucks And Buses
Jan 30, 2019

matador generator agriculture construction trucks buses

The Brand MATADOR is an established name. Its purpose is to cover the basic needs of people from the Farm Machinery to Transportation.

Matador four essential business sectors are:

AGRICULTURE in China and Myanmar has the most favorable agricultural conditions to provide quality products to the farms. MATADOR is the distributor of high quality Tractors and Harvester machinery for improving farming and harvesting.

POWER GENERATORS AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT-Power Generators are the main power supply for all outdoor work in Myanmar especially in the farming, irrigation and others where power supply is unavailable.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT- support and supply building materials and equipment to construction business.

TRUCKS AND BUSES-Last not least. MATADOR is also in the automobile business provide high-quality trucks and Buses for those in the Logistic and Transportation businesses.

Each sector is represented by their color code of their capabilities of a conqueror.