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Matador Power: Brand Differentiation Promotes Enterprise Development
Feb 01, 2019

3 phase diesel generator

With the fierce competition of power generation market, product homogeneity is very serious. In order to occupy the commanding heights of the market in the power generation industry, we are aware of the importance of promoting the differential development strategy to help enterprises find new ways in the fiercely competitive power generation market and enhance the competitive advantage of the group. In the process of building differentiated competitive advantage, Hunan UMG Matador diesel generator manufacturers mainly carry out specific development from the following three aspects, and have found a way to promote the development of enterprises by brand differentiation.

(1) Building Brand Image with High Quality

In order to provide the market with high-quality generators, Matador power closely around the "quality strategy" to lay brand value with superior quality. In the process of production, we conscientiously implement the quality standard system, and form the quality control of the whole process from raw materials to finished products. Through technological and technological innovation, we continuously improve the internal quality and performance of generator sets.


(2) Pay attention to service quality and promote brand building

On the basis of ensuring product quality, we also vigorously optimize the service management system and comprehensively promote the brand building of enterprises. One of the important points is to promote the "customer-centered" service system, through a number of high-quality service teams, 24-hour all-weather service network, quickly respond to customers' opinions and suggestions, and timely answer customers' questions and doubts.    


(3) Changing the marketing mode and expanding the brand popularity 

Competition between generators is not only the competition of products and services, but also the competition of sales channels. Therefore, Matador power has developed e-commerce platform, transformed offline business into online business, and realized the parallel of virtual market and real market.