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How To Use Mobile Power Stations
Jul 26, 2018

When using a mobile power station, you should choose a convenient location, flat terrain, good ventilation, and close to the working position of the load center. After the power station is stabilized, the front and rear supports should be laid down and fixed, and the grounding device should be installed. After carefully and carefully checking the equipment for failure, carefully adjust the three-phase load of the power station to make it balanced. Then start the engine strictly according to the operating procedures, adjust the excitation control potentiometer to build pressure and power.

After entering the working state of the load, the operator should stick to the post and check the operation of the power station by watching, listening, touching, smelling, etc., and find that the abnormal phenomenon is handled in time. When parking, gradually remove the load, then reduce the generator speed after completely unloading, and then stop the engine, turn the magnetic field varistor to the maximum position, and do a good job of maintenance and maintenance.