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How To Correctly Move Diesel Generator Sets
Jul 26, 2018

1. Inspect all components connected to the trailer and the components of the generator to see if there are any wear, corrosion, breakage, metal and buckling or tight bolts due to excessive use. The ability of the tractor should be based on the weight of the generator set plus a 10% safety factor.

2. Connect the trailer to the mobile generator set and check that the joint is secure. Connect the indicator light. If there is an iron chain, you can bypass the tow bar and connect it to the trailer. If there is a safety cable, it can be connected.

3. If the front screw jack is fitted, tighten it and insert the locking or locking device to ensure safety. If possible, lock the front wheel to the highest position and ensure that the rear stable jack has been raised or locked.

4. Check that the tires are in good air pressure, check that all taillights are operating properly, and check that all reflectors are clean and functioning.

5. Check that the load wires and grounding wires have been removed, and that the windows, doors and toolboxes are closed and locked to ensure that all external tubing has been removed.

6. If the device has a mooring system, release it and remove the wood that holds the wheel.