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How To Control The Temperature Of Diesel Generator Room
Jul 26, 2018

1. When the indoor and outdoor air temperature difference is small and the water volume is insufficient, the direct evaporative cooling fan group should be used to reduce the generator room temperature.

2. When the amount of water is sufficient and the water temperature can meet the requirements, the temperature of the generator room should be reduced by water cooling;

3. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air is large, it is better to use outdoor air to reduce the temperature of the generator room;

If the mobile power plant control room needs ventilation, it should be handled separately according to the following conditions:

1. When the mobile power station is integrated with the air defense basement, fresh air should be supplied from the air defense basement to the power station control room;

2. When the mobile power station is set independently, the control room shall be provided with a separate ventilation system by the diesel power station to supply fresh air, and a filter ventilation device shall be provided.

3. The oil storage room of the mobile power station should be equipped with an air exhaust device. The number of air exhausts should not be less than 5 times per hour. A fire valve with a closed temperature of 70 °C should be installed on the exhaust pipe connected to the oil storage room.