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How Do Diesel Generator Sets Need To Be Repaired?
Jul 26, 2018

1. The diesel and engine oil consumption of the diesel generator set increases, and the exhaust pipe of the unit emits black smoke;

2. The diesel generator set is difficult to start, and there is a knocking sound in the cylinder;

3. The running load of the diesel generator set is weak, the speed is reduced after the acceleration, the sound is abrupt, and the smoke exhaust pipe is black smoke;

4. The diesel generator set supercharger and exhaust pipe are red, and the cylinder pressure at normal temperature is lower than 70% of the specified pressure;

5. The engine casing and piston ring of the diesel generator set are seriously worn, the cylinder ellipse or taper, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder, the ellipticity of the crankshaft journal and the connecting rod journal exceed the specified limit.

6. The temperature rise of the three-phase alternator is higher, exceeding the ambient temperature by more than 40 degrees, the frequency fluctuates, the voltage does not reach the rated voltage or fluctuates; the unit voltage is stable during no-load operation, and the voltage drop is reduced once the load is running. Larger and so on.

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