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Diesel Generator Set Self-switching Operation Steps
Jul 26, 2018

There are 2 kinds of ATS automatic electric cabinet operation methods.

1. Manual operation mode of the module: After turning on the power key, press the "manual" button of the module to start directly. When the unit starts successfully and normal operation, at the same time, the automation module also enters the self-test state, and it will automatically enter the speed-up state and increase the speed. After successful, the unit will enter the automatic closing and grid-connecting according to the module's display.

2, fully automatic operation mode: the module is set in the "automatic" position, the unit enters the quasi-start state, in the automatic state, through the external switch signal, the mains state is automatically detected and judged for a long time. Once the mains fails or loses power, it will enter the automatic start state immediately. When the mains calls, it will automatically switch to the off-speed and stop. When the mains returns to normal, the system will automatically trip to the network after 3S confirmation, delay 3 minutes, automatically stop, and automatically enter the next automatic start preparation state.

First turn on the power key and press the "Auto" button directly. The unit will automatically start the speed increase at the same time. When the Hertz meter, the frequency meter and the water temperature meter display normally, he will automatically close the power transmission and the grid connection. Quasi-state automatic control, automatic detection of mains status, automatic start of unit, automatic network, automatic retreat, automatic stop, automatic trip, shutdown, alarm.