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Basic Introduction Of Gas Generator Sets
Jul 26, 2018

Gas generators make full use of various natural gas or harmful gases as fuel, turning waste into treasure, safe and convenient operation, high cost-effectiveness, low emission pollution, and suitable for heat and electricity co-production. The market prospect is very broad.

China's natural gas resources are very rich. Compared with China's abundant natural gas reserves, the proportion of natural gas in China's primary energy consumption is too small, and it has a potential to increase significantly in the future.

In China, due to the influence of natural gas supply, natural gas power generation is still in the initial stage. It is still a long time for real large-scale natural gas power generation as a distributed energy station. Small-scale natural gas power generation is mainly in oil fields, gas fields, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. It is expected that with the increasing supply of natural gas and the continuous expansion of supply, natural gas power generation will achieve a rapid development in recent years.