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What is the generator
Oct 30, 2018

Diesel generator set is a kind of small generating equipment which uses diesel oil as fuel and drives the generator to generate electricity. The whole generator set is generally includes engine, alternator, control cabinet, fuel tank, protection device and so on.


1.       Naked-fire is strictly prohibited in the diesel engine room.

2.       When the generator is running at full load, the temperature of lubricating oil should be between 82-107 degrees. If the oil temperature rises suddenly and not caused by the load increase suddenly, the main reason is mechanical fault.

3.       No-load operation of diesel generator for a long time is not allowed, because the temperature of the combustion chamber is very low when the fuel is not fully burned, which can cause carbon block the oil nozzle and piston ring.

4.       In the process of shutdown, if the generator sets have protective device action, the protection should be restored when switch to standby state. The "stop" button is not allowed to be pressed when the generator in standby condition.

5.       Oil, oil filter and fuel filter should be replaced after 250 hours of operation.

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