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The market status analysis and development prospect of gas generator set industry in 2018
Jan 28, 2019

  Gas generator sets are widely used in the world with many remarkable advantages. In China, the increase of natural gas supply to promote the development of natural gas generator set products and become the most important gas generator set products in China. Under the relevant provisions of the national "13th five-year plan" encouragement, the development prospect of natural gas generator sets is promising in the future.

  Gas generator set as an advance and high efficiency generator that uses liquefied natural gas, natural gas and harmful gas as fuel to replaces gasoline and diesel as engine power. Compare with other generator, the gas generator has many advantages. For example, it only takes 30 seconds for a gas generator set to start successfully at cold state and operate at full load, which is much faster than the 3 minutes of load time after the successful start of diesel generator according to international regulations. At the same time, it can guarantee the success rate of starting at any ambient temperature and climate. In addition, it also has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, high precision of output voltage and frequency in the process of operation.

gas generator market

  Gas generators are favored by the market in the early stage because of many advantages. On a global scale, the gas generator industry has entered a mature stage, and the growth rate of the market is expected to slow down in the future. However, considering the policy loosening in some regions and the innovation of future technologies, the market prospect is still relatively optimistic. It is estimated that in 2018, the size of the global gas generator industry will be about $7.5 billion, still maintaining a growth rate of over 10%.

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