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How to protect the radiator of generator in winter
Jan 15, 2019

riadiator engine alternator of generator

Diesel generator set in operation will produce a lot of heat, if the heat cannot be dispersed, will lead to diesel engine damage, and generator must keep good heat dissipation. In order to ensure a good cooling effect, firstly, the generator room should have a good ventilation effect; secondly, it is important that radiator maintain the normal work condition.

Since the beginning of winter, the after-sales service department of our company often receives customers' calls to respond that there are always have problems in the operation of diesel generator sets. We specially sort out this article to remind customers to pay attention to the maintenance of their own diesel generator sets radiators.

Diesel generator radiator maintenance method:

1. The coolant of radiator in working generator set is usually very hot and pressurized. Cleaning the radiator or removing pipe and working on the radiator while the fan is rotating, or opening the fan guard are prohibited.

2. Corrosion problem is the main reason of failure in radiator. Keeping pipe fittings without leak and Adding water and air from the top of the radiator regularly to keep the system "airless".

3. External cleaning: in dusty or dirty environment, the gap of radiator may be blocked by debris, insects and other things, thus affecting the efficiency of radiator. Low-pressure hot water plus detergent sprays can be used for regular cleaning of these light deposits, spraying steam or water from the front of the radiator toward the fan.

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