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How to correct the frequency governor of mobile generator set
Jul 26, 2018

The frequency variation of diesel generator sets in China will have an adverse impact on users and consumers. Therefore, the frequency must be kept above and below the rated value of 50 Hz, and the offset should not exceed a certain range. When the frequency of the mobile generator changes, the impact on the user is as follows:

1. The motor speed used by the user is related to the system frequency. The frequency change will cause the motor speed to change, thus affecting the quality of the product.

2. The instability of the frequency of the mobile generator set will affect the normal operation of the electronic equipment.

3. When operating at low frequency, the ventilation capacity of the diesel generator set will be reduced. In order to maintain the normal voltage, it is required to increase the excitation current to increase the temperature rise of the generator top and rotor. In order not to exceed the temperature rise limit, the generator must be reduced. The amount of electricity generated.

4. The frequency of the diesel generator set is reduced, and the reactive power load will increase, causing the system voltage level to drop from the child.

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