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Gas generator set precautions
Jul 26, 2018

1. The gas generator room should be kept away from the open flame area;

2. The gas generator set machine room should be spacious and bright and require the installation of a ventilation fan to ensure good ventilation;

3. When the gas generator set is installed, the chassis and the foundation should be leveled with a flat horn. The contact area should be above 60% and evenly distributed;

4. indoor installation of lighting, switches, lines and their electrical appliances should be used for explosion-proof measures, and fixed firmly;

5. The gas generator set room should meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment;

6. Install a flammable gas alarm device in the gas generator room, which can be found in time when the flammable gas leaks;

7. The outer diameter of the main external pipe of a single gas engine gas pipeline below 60kw shall be not less than 2吋, and the inner diameter of the part close to the engine shall be not less than 1吋;

8. gas must be desulfurization, dehydration, dust removal, which contains flow ≤ 0.25Nm3, hydrogen ≤ 10%.

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