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Containerized diesel generator set
Jul 26, 2018

1. According to the international standard container design and manufacture, 20 feet below 1000KVA, 40 feet above 1250KVA;

2. It has the CSC certificate conforming to the International Container Safety Convention, and the whole unit can be directly transported as a standard container, which greatly saves transportation costs;

3. There is a explosion-proof lamp on the explosion-proof lamp/screen on the inside of the container, which is convenient for user operation and maintenance;

4. The container can be opened before and after the container, and side doors on both sides of the box are convenient for user maintenance and overhaul, and there are ladders outside the box;

5. All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel, and anti-wave and rain-proof intrusion devices are installed in the container;

6. The control panel and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for the user to operate and output the cable connection;

7. The standard configuration has a permanent excitation PMG system that provides motor starting capability and immunity to waveform distortion;

8. Fuel tanks and pipes, oil emissions, silencers, etc. have many unique design points, which are favored by users;

9. The mute box is equipped with high-performance anti-aging and flame-retardant sound-insulating materials and sound absorbing materials.

Optional items include: automatic fuel addition pump (or control valve) / coolant addition pump / dual oil water separator / automatic parallel system.

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