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Vehicle Generator

Brand of Chassis: Iveco, Selectable
Brand of Gen-set: Selectable
Power of Gen-set: 50-2400KW
Large capacity and long working hours, easy mobility and advanced power system.


Standard configuration:

1. Chassis

2. Side access door

3. Genset

4. Specified area of tools

5. Air shutter

Matador vehicle power station is to install the diesel generator set on the automobile chassis with strong mobility and adaptability. Vehicle generators are widely used in emergency power supply or construction and operation power supply in remote areas. The system is designed and produced by Matador according to the structure of several foreign mobile power stations with good operation performance and safety performance

Matador vehicle have innovative design and can be equipped with optional soundproof canopy. Their advantages are as follows:

1. Large capacity and long working hours.

2. Advanced power control system for reliable operation of power supply.

3. Easy transportation and high speed.

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