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Trailer Power Station

Trailer Power Station

Power range: 7KW-530 KW
Engine: Cummins, Perkins, VOLVO PENTA, MTU

Matador-trailer power station has unique and innovative design, high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, excellent manufacturing and appearance. It is equipped with a rain-proof and soundproof canopy, a complete air intake and exhaust system, as well as a water drainage system. This enables it to operate under all-weather conditions.


Product feature:

1. Users can freely choose either singe axle or double axle trailer to be used.

2. The frame of trailer power station is welded by groove beam, reasonable node selection, high strength, good rigidity; Steel plate spring suspension structure is also installed.

3. The trailer adopts the height adjustable pin type traction frame, which is suitable for all kinds of height tractors.

4. The standardized trailer power station with gears and supporting legs for parking safety.

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