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Mobile Diesel Generator

Mobile Diesel Generator

The characteristics of the supporting model generator set are convenience and reliability, can be towed to any construction site with hook. Good ventilation and heat dissipation, high strength structure design, while preventing rain and dust, adopts various severe construction environments, working condition from -40’C to 50’C.

Mobile trailer power station series has a variety of structure and function, a push-type power station, three and four-wheel trailer power station, mobile trailer low noise power station. The mobile diesel generator with handbrake or air brake, rear taillights and other systems, meets road traffic requirements.


Trailer power station

1. Matador powered trailer power station with the rain - proof sound box, which adopts improved exhaust and drainage system can work in different weather conditions.

2. Doors can be opened at two sides of the generator set, which ensures convenient operation and maintenance. Upon request, the door can be locked to keep safe.

3. Singe axle or double axle trailer can be selected according to user’s requirement.

4. The built-in oil tank can operate for 12 hours.

5. User can monitor the status of the control screen at any times through observable Windows.

6. According to customer's demand, the trailer type can be equipped with the cable tray and connection cable or other accessories.

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