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Super Silent Generator

Super Silent Generator

Matador power series super silent generator set with advanced design concept and the variety is complete. The product not only has functions of diesel generator set, but also has the excellent performance of reducing noise and preventing rain.

Matador power series super silent generator

Prime power range: 20KW~1200KW/25KVA~1500KVA

Engine: Cummins, Perkins, VOLVO, MTU


Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm

Product feature

1. Residential silencers: silence and muffler pipe system effectively reduce noise during operation.

2. Fully-closed noise reduction: the door with sticky rubber seal to cushion vibration and access doors surrounding with dedicated automotive sealing strip seal, using the unique design of super silent canopy.

3. Advanced silent proof, water proof, dust proof and rodent proof design

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