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Soundproof Genset Canopy

Soundproof Genset Canopy

In an outdoor installation, Matador power can provide a way to prevent wind and rain and keep the noise out of the equipment.
The Matador series soundproof genset canopy is made of high hardness and strong corrosion resistance professional electroplating material, which has the corresponding sound insulation function and provides the best protection for customers' investment.

Matador soundproof canopy with heavy steel frame to counteract vibration and material consumption, together with thickening and special design, production of durable, and the canopy has below features:

1. The custom option: The power range from 5-2640KW provide different weatherproof and soundproof canopy selection.

2. Noiseless performance: The canopy with sound insulation function, which can meet different lower noise applications.

3. Good anti-corrosion: Matador soundproof canopy made of high hardness and strong corrosion resistance of the professional galvanized material, high hardness, durable, strong corrosion resistance, which can meet more than 5 years without rusting.


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