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Soundproof Generator for Home

Soundproof Generator for Home

The main difference between soundproof type generator and original generator is that the soundproof generator is equipped with excellent silencer, it mainly used in home and the place with high requirements for noise control.

Matador series soundproof generator set for home has these characteristics of small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful canopy, simple disassembly and installation, convenient operation, good performance and reliable operation. It is mainly used in hospitals, hotels and telecommunications industries.

The performance characteristics of soundproof generator set:

1. Design ideas

It adopts the measures of shock absorption and sound insulation to limit the way of vibration and noise transmission, achieving the goal of low noise work.

2. Exhaust noise control

Exhaust noise is the main part of engine aerodynamic noise, choose the correct muffler to reduce the exhaust noise by 20-30db (A) above; the bellows are used in the exhaust system, which can effectively block the vibration propagation of the exhaust.

3. Genset noise and combustion noise control

High efficiency shock absorber rubber pad was used for unique noise reduction. The closed soundproof canopy (all doors and Windows are sealed) is equipped with excellent materials , can absorb a large part of the noise.

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