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Soundproof Diesel Generator

Soundproof Diesel Generator

The soundproof generator set range offers a very large application target with powers ranging from 5-650 kVA at 50HZ and 60HZ.
High quality engine with excellent performance alternator, equipment with advanced control module.

Matador series soundproof generator

Soundproof diesel generating set as a prime or standby power supply is widely used in place of strict in environmental noise, such as telecoms, hotel, shopping malls, industrial and mining etc.

1. The whole series of soundproof diesel generator sets with lifting lugs and cable loops on the top of the canopy;

2. The overall structure is more compact, lower noise with built-in large horizontal silencer.

3. Eliminate the traditional design of the air inlet and increase the area of air inlet and exhaust.

4. Independent output switch box on the soundproof canopy for cable connection (especially suitable for engineering construction and leasing)

5. Higher weatherproof and waterproof rating

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