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Silent Generator Alternator

Silent Generator Alternator

Optional famous brand of engine: MARATHON、ABB、STAMFORD and other brand, the industrial, the brushless alternator applying integral salient pole rotor technique, Class H insulation, electronic voltage control system, AC exciter, rotary rectifier, ensuring stability of system in various working condition.

The standard option of Matador series generator sets uses Stamford; It is one of world famous alternator brand with excellent performance.

The features of Stamford alternator

1. Applying integral salient pole rotor technique.

2. Class H insulation: all the parts are made of special process immersion paint, which provides guarantee for generating units in harsh environment.

3. IP class: IP21-IP23, Generator protection level from 21 to 23 used in heavy dust environment.

4. Bearing seal design without need maintenance.

5. Radio interference: The brushless structure of the generator and the high quality automatic regulator (AVR) ensure low radio interference to meet the IEC154 standard.

6. The output form of alternator is flexible to meet different needs of users.

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