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Open Generator Undercarriages

Simple undercarriage
Undercarriage with base fuel tank
Undercarriage rental type
Production capacity: 500/ month


We use the high quality steel plate material from China Bao steel for the generator undercarriage manufacturing.

Because steel plate cutting, we will remove the rust on the steel plate by machine. Our factory use the robot welding machine for the undercarriage welding to make sure the welding quality.

We provide the following undercarriage

1, Simple, economic undercarriage which welding by the H steel for open type generator.

2, Undercarriage with base fuel tank which capacity able to satisfy 8h continues running fuel consumption. With fuel sensor.

3, Rental type undercarriage with base fuel tank which able to satisfy 24h fuel consumption, with ladder and fuel sensor.

4, undercarriage with two wheels or four wheels for the tailor type generator.

We use the black color as our basic color for our undercarriage. Also we provide the customization solutions.


For the detail specification of matador generators.

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