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Open Generator Engine

Power range: 5KVA-3500KVA
Cummins--- MC series
Perkins-------MP Series
Volvo---------MV Series
MTU---------MM Series
Yuchai-------MY Series

Features of engine:

MC series : Cummins -----High reliability, Low cost

The Cummins equipped with electronic speed regulation system has the following advantage;

1. Fuel injection system with advance EFC electronic governor, able to realize the engine speed adjustable rate from 0-5 percent. This function make the engine realize operation by remote control or automatic control. Also engine able to realize the quickly rotation speed recover while sudden loading increased.

2,Electric heater make quick start while the environment temperature is low in the cold area , reduce the exhausting emission.

3, fuel consumption significantly reduced by the optimization of combustion process of Cummins advanced technology.

4, perfect start performance at low temperature.

MP Series: Perkins------low operation and service cost , global service support.

1, mechanical fuel injection system, low emission, low maintenance cost.

2, long time stable running performance.

MV Series: VOLOV----Highly power output , EURO II & EURO III emission standard.

1, reliable operation, high power output, small body size.

2, installation simple, running economic. Low noise, Overhaul period very long for the first time.

3, fuel combustion sufficiently by adopt low flow resistance air intake system. Save fuel and reduce the emission.

4, Standard CAN SAE communication interface provided.

MM Series ------MTU engine, Germany. Database power supply guarantee

1,  highly advanced electronic fuel injection system makes the best fuel consumption rate.

2,  low emission ,reached German air force TA LUFT standard.

3,  for any important occasion application , like data base, it is the best choose.

MY Series:  CHINA YUCHAI-------stable running performance, low cost

1, china yuchai is the biggest manufacture of generator diesel engine.

2, perfect performance at normal running condition.

3, low purchase price, low operation cost, low parts cost

4, best choice for rental business area.

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