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Low Noise Open Generators

Low Noise Open Generators

Standard configuration: Engine, Alternator, Intelligent control panel, Output system, Battery, Radiator, Industrial muffler, Steel base frame.
Open-type generating set is widely used in industrial projects to effectively reduce the generator operation noise and temperature, which is easy for routine operation and maintenance.

Structural features and performance advantages

1. Excellent performance

The core components of open generator choose the global leading engine and high efficient alternator, and match them with different control system, which assures our generator in the best condition.

2. Energy saving and environment protection

Choosing the excellent performance engine, equipment with the high efficiency vibration absorbing and rigid base frame, it makes less vibration, low noise and better emission index.

3. Intelligent control system

The control system is with the multifunctional module design and the electronic management system combined. With the function of auto start, auto protection, auto switch between mains and generator, parallel running and remote communication etc.

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