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Containerized Generator

Containerized Generator

Container generator adopts advanced sound-absorbing material and scientific design, adopting advanced technology in the field of acoustics, airflow, to achieve the goal that reduces the noise, applies to noise pollution demanding places, such as hospitals, office, open fixed places, field construction and so on.

Matador Power soundproof containerized genset have the following features:

1. Containerized gen-sets below 1250 KVA adopts 20ft container, containerized gen-sets above 1250KVA adopts 40ft container.

2. Container with the certificate of CSC certification in conformity with international container safety convention, it can be directly transported as a standard container, greatly saving the transportation cost

3. Containerized genset with safety design for rainproof and sand proof that can be used in windy desert area.

4. Low noise operation: The inside of container, inlet and outlet of the container are equipped with soundproof cotton, equipped with exhaust muffler and flexible corrugated pipe and other devices, which effectively guarantee the quiet operation of the generator set. 

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