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MV Series Prime Power 68kW 85kVA Diesel Open Generator

Prime power: 68kW / 85kVA
Standby power: 75kW / 93.75kVA
Engine: Volvo
Alternator: MARATHON
Rated voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50HZ
Rated speed: 1500rpm

MV85T series diesel open generator set

MV series generator choose Volvo(Sweden)engine and reliable cold start performance, applying advanced optimized combustion process, reduced running expense of continuous load.

The alternator of Volvo generator adopts MARATHON、ABB、STAMFORD, applying integral silent pole rotor technique, class H insulation and steel sheet body.

Main configuration












The features of Volvo engine


Composition: Inline 4-cylinder, Water cooling, four-stroke, closed loop water cooling, 4 valves per cylinder, Exhaust gas turbocharged, air cooler, Direct Injection Diesel fuel injection system. Machine has many advantages such as reliable operation, small size and high power, etc.

Intelligent management: Intelligent engine management system (EMS2) makes engine performance optimized and fuel consumption decreased (Mean value 213g/kwh), 50HZ and 60HZ can be run in the same engine, integrated advanced malfunction diagnose, protection & tracking system and standard CAN SAE J1939 COM interface.


The features of Marathon Alternator


Winding design: Generator windings with 2 / 3 pitch winding and the original sinusoidal winding design of new technologies to ensure the generator asymmetric load, nonlinear load, in parallel and so the design is too large by conventional winding neutral current effective inhibition.

All damping design: Rotor completely continuous and reliable strong damping structural design, enhanced anti-jamming capability of generator to ensure the stable operation of motor under different conditions, without oscillation.




Intake system

Cylindrical air filter

Heavy-duty   air filter

Cooling system


Cooling fluid draining pipe with valve

Water   jacket water heater

belt pulley

Radiator integrated belt driving cooling fan

Coolant   Level Sensor

Coolant   temperature sensor

Radiator   ducts

Exhaust system

Dry   Manifold

Stainless   steel exhaust pipe

Industrial   muffler

Residential   silencer

Fuel   system

Fuel   Filter

Fuel-water   separator

High-pressure   oil pump

Fuel   hose


Brushless   Excitation

H   insulation class / F temperature rising class

H insulation   class / H temperature rising class

Permanent   excitation


Winding   temperature measurement device

Anti-condensation   heater

Power   Terminal

DELIXI   circuit breaker

ABB   circuit breaker:

Model:CDM3   250S 160A 3300

Four   class Protection level four

Class:   Three

User-specified   control panel

Speed governor


Control   panel

TCA   control panel

ComAp   control module

Control   module: IC-NT

Control   module: IL-NT MRS16

User-specified   control panel

Lubrication   system

Oil   filter

Manual   exhaust pump

With a   discharge valve of the discharge pipe

Oil   Pump


Generating-set   is a one-unit structure

Generating-set   installed at the high strength steel base frame

Integrated   vibration absorber between engine/alternator & base frame

Control   cabinet installed in the generating-set base frame

Start   /charging  equipment

24V   motor start  

Battery   cable with bracket (6-QW-60580-L) 2 units

Battery   float charger BAC06A-24V


Generating-set   body with engine color painting and base frame with black color painting

SAE   standard

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