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Rental Diesel Generator

Rental Diesel Generator

Power range: 7kW-1200kW
Engine: Cummins (DCEC Series), Perkins, MTU, Volvo
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm
The Matador series of rental diesel generator set provides solution adapted to the needs of the rental sector.

Standard configuration

1. Reliable operation under 40 °C working environment

2. Large capacity fuel tank to ensure 75% average load for 24 hours.

3. Sleigh chassis with towing holes and built-in forklift slots

4. The base fuel tank equipped with the external fuel tank supply port and the external fuel tank refueling port.

5. Reinforced soundproof canopy and the door with windproof buckle, the inner of rental genset with explosion-proof lighting and control screen with operating lights.

6. Folding pattern pedal

7. Fuel level sensor through the control system display tank capacity.


Optional configuration

1. Double fuel tank

2. The stairs outside rental canopy

3. Fast output industrial waterproof socket

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