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High Voltage Generator

High Voltage Generator

Matador high voltage series diesel generating sets are with voltage covers 6300V and 10500V.

The product features of high voltage generator

The high voltage generator is divided into diesel oil and heavy oil, which has the characteristics of high precision of pressure adjustment, excellent dynamic performance, small voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life, good economic performance and so on.


The application of high voltage generator

1.  In the general communication hub, the low-voltage generating set can solve the problem of standby power supply. In large communication hubs, especially large IDC, it is more suitable to use high voltage generator. That is to say, the high voltage generator set is suitable for use in the scenes where the oil engine is required to guarantee a large load and the diesel engine room is far away from the load, thus requiring a large capacity generator.

2.  The single-unit capacity of the high voltage generating set is relatively large, which is mainly above 1000kW. For example, the single machine capacity of a Caterpillar 10kV generator set is 1000kVA~3100kVA in the 1500r/min series and 2688kVA~7150kVA in the 1000r/min series.

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